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A Journey Begins

This week re-started my journey of meditation and qi gong. One of the amazing things about teaching is that every time a new group of students comes to the study, I am provided with the amazing opportunity to see and learn and know something I have held in my heart for a long time a-new. Teaching is an amazing and honored experience for me for this very reason.

Providing knowledge and information to someone not only requires that one have a long-standing practice or knowledge base or history with what they are teaching; it also requires being able to convey this information to a near infinite number of people. Similar to the patients in my clinical practice, every student is unique. To truly know how to convey knowledge in a meaningful way--be it about health or meditatoni--one has to know where to begin. In order to end the journey in the desired destination, one needs to know from where we are starting. And, for this reason, every time I teach a class or visit with a patient, I am provided with the amazing opportunity to learn something I have known for a very long time in a completely different way.

Thank you and much gratitude to each and every one of you who has allowed me the magnificent gift of seeing what I love with fresh eyes and new understanding.


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