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Integrative Care Pricing and FAQs

Pricing Information

Meet and Greet Consultation (20 minutes):  Free


Initial Office Visit and Acupuncture Treatment:  $150

Follow Up Office Visit and Acupuncture Treatment:  $100

Initial Office Visit without Acupuncture: $120

Follow Up Office Visit without Acupuncture: $60

Standard Acupuncture Visits without Office Visit:

     -  Addiction treatment

               Initial Visit (with intake):  $120

               Follow Up:  $60

     -  Stress relief treatment:  $60

     -  Chakra-balancing acupuncture treatment

               Initial Visit (with intake):  $120

               Follow Up:  $60

(Office visits may be scheduled over-the-phone for long-distance or home-bound patients within Washington state.)

*Rates do not represent our reduced rate schedule.  Please contact us for more information on this options.  Insurance will not cover an office visit at our clinic without an acupuncture treatment. (Integrative care visits are included with acupuncture visits.)


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Integrative Medicine?


Integrative medicine is the combining of multiple healing perspectives and modalities to create a health plan that is more comprehensive and effective than any one individual component could be.



How Do You Offer Integrative Medicine?


Masters of Eastern Medicine have extensive training not only in Eastern Medicine but in Western medical diagnostic techniques (including physical assessment, lab work, scans, etc.) and basic pharmacology.  We often order bloodwork and scans, reading them from both an Eastern and a Western perspective, weaving treatment modalities together to create a comprehensive, integrative approach as much as is required for optimal treatment.  In addition, we are able to understand Eastern and Western pharmacology from each perspective, knowing how to substitute and supplement.  And, further, Masters of Eastern Medicine often give lifestyle advice, listening extensively to their patients and addressing issues across the mind-body spectrum. They are trained to treat a wide-variety of disorders, from the very physical to psycho-emotional difficulties.


In addition, Eastern Medicine includes five branches of practice.  These include acupuncture, herbal pharmacy and nutrition, mind-body health (meditation and qi gong), massage, and manual therapies.  And, lastly, we practice within an extensive health network, referring patients to trusted professionals for any issues we cannot cover within our clinic, still enabling integrative care, if the patient so desires.

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