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We offer a multitude of educational opportunities, including free classes, private instruction, Eastern Medicine philosophy classes for the public and Evergreen students for credit, and much, much more coming soon!

An introductory class for those who are new to the meditative arts, wish to try a new form or style, or just wish to experience an afternoon of peace and mindfulness.

Dr. Michelle Bilodeau, DAOM, LAc. leads us through an easy, seated moving meditation (qi gong) as well as a more traditional, stationary form. Both forms are designed to clear the mind, open the heart, and connect us with our higher selves: a true antidote for these modern times.




The Olympia Center

222 Columbia St. NW, Olympia, WA   98501

Private Qi Gong Instruction

One-on-one qi gong and meditation instruction, for those seeking more tailored lessons than the beginning class.

By appointment, only.

50 minute sessions.


(Classes and cost may be shared by up to three total students.)

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