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Meditation--Class Two

Tonight in meditation, we practiced again Zhong Tian Yi Qi meditation. This meditation helps to connect Heaven and Earth through the Zhong Mai, or central meridian, of the human being.

In Chinese medical philosophy, the human being is an extension of the natural world, existing within the same rules and parameters and phenomena as the world around us. Human beings rest within a sacred place in nature, for we encompass an overlap of and communication between Heaven and Earth.

We can see this, most certainly, in our daily experiences. We are a part of Heaven, as we carry sacred souls and are infinite within our ability to create, imagine, and perceive of the Divine. And, yet, we are also a part of the Earth, as we are rooted in our physical selves and intimately tied to our sensory perceptions. And, thus, human beings embody a space that rests between Heaven and Earth.

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