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Meditation and Qi Gong--First Class

Tonight, I taught the first meditation and qi gong class that I've hosted in a long time. In visiting with patients and friends, it seemed like the right time, especially in conjunction with my own need to increase my practice also being present.

I had forgotten how different practicing these arts of mindfulness and peaceful awareness can be in teaching a group as compared to practicing on one's own. Certainly, there are some aspects which are much easier: the concentration, not having to worry about prompting the process and keeping everyone together, not having a sense of the clock...

But, there is also so much more that comes to the experience in going through it together. As a teacher, I love the questions. I love every opportunity to re-examine my knowledge and augment my experience. With students, I learn anew every time we meet.

But, as a simple member of the group, I love the difference in the energetic feeling that is created when many people come together for the mere purpose of a bit of time of peaceful awareness. I love the easy commraderie that is present at the end of class as people lovingly meander back to the rest of their evening. I love that we are a new little community of people that didn't exist in the world before, and we are bound by one simple goal and purpose.

For, what is the true purpose of cultivating love and an open heart, if not to bring this into the real, interactive world?

Thank you all so much for attending. I look deeply forward to sharing the time and space again next week.

Many blessings.

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