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We're here in service of you and your best self.


At Hilltop Eastern Medicine, it is our mission to improve individual lives and strengthen communities through integrative healthcare that is effective, affordable, compassionate, and personalized.  Our practitioners maintain a continual commitment to mindful presence and perceptive attention in their patient care while creating individualized treatment plans based upon integrated eastern and western diagnostic methods and the latest in evidence-informed practice.  Further, we believe access to healthcare is a basic human right, so we stand firmly in our provision of accessible healthcare options for all people.


Hilltop Eastern Medicine envisions a world comprised of harmonious communities rooted in empowered individuals.  We believe the state of our health and well-being represent and interface intimately with the closest relationship we can have: those with ourselves.  And as such, when nurtured and balanced, health and well-being can serve as the foundation for all other aspects of our lives, bringing to them strength, change, empowerment, and an endless array of possibilities, not only within the scope of one person--but as any whole is greater than the sum of its parts--reaching far into all of humanity.  For, whatever we choose to nurture within ourselves creates the same within all of the world around us.


Tuesday, Wednesday, and


Noon - 7pm


*Please note: all of our services are by appointment only to ensure our clients receive the care they need.  


2010 Caton Way SW

Suite 202

Olympia, WA   98502


Ph.  360.754.1396

Fx.  360.753.4288


Thoroughly Complete Personal Health Care From Big Picture Theory To Pointed Application

November 3rd

Aalayah S. says: As a practitioner, Michelle is thorough from intake to exit farewell. Her style is one of focused patience and gentle listening allowing what is necessary to come to the surface. Her ability to synthesize theory for its pointed individualized application is humbly accurate. And her direct application is not only clear but also balanced in its strength and sensitivity. At every moment she holds the moment of precise pin pointed healing in perspective with the larger picture. I am very satisfied with my first sessions and plan strongly to make my visits a regular part of my personal well being care.


Michelle is amazing at putting the pieces together

April 23rd

Sean B. says: It's so refreshing to have someone sit down, listen and carefully think about your health situation, then be able to convey exactly what she sees and what you need to work on. Her Acupuncture style is gentle and spot on, but I think it's her natural ability to so quickly and easily see "the big picture" of your health from a Chinese medicine perspective that really makes her amazing. After just my first visit, I already feel more in control of my health and more hopeful about feeling better.


March 10th

​​Crystal said: I reached out to Hilltop after conventional medicine was not helping my shoulder pain . After only one treatment, I noticed a marked improvment in my pain level and movement ability. After a couple months, I have found nothing by positive, professional experiences by Dr. Michelle and her staff. I appreciate her caring about me as a person and my medical needs.


March 4th

Phylllis said: I've been receiving acupuncture treatments from Michelle for several months now for my right knee pain . Previous surgery plus a possible reinjury caused ongoing pain and swelling, which Michelle has dealt with compasionately and with great expertise. Her ongoing help with Chinese herbs is helping as well, including getting me through a very bad bout with the flu. I can't say enough about the positive outcome of my treatments and look forward to maintaining my health with her help. Blessings to you Michelle!


February 27th

Tammy said: I have been seeing Michelle since October and have felt wonderful. She is very knowledgeable in her profession and I am learning more and more from her everyday. I look forward to my treatments as I am feeling alot better. Kudos to Michelle! Thank you!


July 2nd

Jacquie said: My name is Jacquie Agnew and I live in Austin, Texas. I was treated by Michelle.  The acupuncture treatments that I received were the only thing that helped the numbing in my left arm. I had tried various treatments, including rest and massage, but only after my acupuncture treatments did the numbing completely go away. Happily, it has been over a year, and it hasn't returned. Michelle is very knowledgeable and soothing in her manner. It was always a pleasant and calming to be treated by her. I recommend acupuncture to all my friends.


June 30th

Ruth said: For 30 years I had problems feeing my left hand and arm. After only four treatments by Ms. Bilodeau I started to have a tingle in my left hand - this tingle is now a true feeling in my left arm & hand . In other words , thanks to her and this treatment I now have Full use of mt left arm & hand. This treatment really works !!

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